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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunshine Silas

I have started Silas's new baby blog. You can link to it here or on the link at the side. Thanks for tuning in...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Silas's Birth Story....

I realize that much of the challenge and pain of this birth began in the final weeks and days of my pregnancy. The level of discomfort, cramps, contractions, muscle fatigue etc that I felt in the final six days of being over due was huge. All this while chasing Willow around. My belly was so huge, my skin stretched so tight, sleeping hurt, walking hurt, eating hurt. I was so ready to have this baby....I just didn't think that it would happen as quickly as it did!

Labour must've begun in my sleep but I didn't wake up until Willow came into our room at 12:30 am. I quickly realized that I could barely sit up in bed (a 'normal' feeling for the past several achey days) I woke Adam up to help me once I had gotten to Willow's room and realized that I was having contractions. We monitored them for about half and hour, called our doula Loree and called my mom. We decided that we needed to get Willow up to Grandma;s house. She was quite scared and stressed out by my toning noises..but Adam explained everything to her and wisked her off to Grandma's. I could see that as I was 'going with' my contractions, they were escalating rather quickly. I was alone for about 30 minutes, which made me a little nervous, but the time flew by in a flash. When Adam got back he scurried around getting stuff together. This is where time and everything begin to blurr for me. Soon, I needed Adam to help me through the contractions. According to our Doula, Loree's timeline, we called her at 2:16 am with contractions about 5 minutes apart...we asked her to come over. I had found a good position for working through my contractions, standing, leaning forward onto a pile of pillows on the edge of my bed, Adam behind me giving me pressure on my lower back and sitting bones. In this position I could rock and tone through the contractions. I was having some thoughts/memories of Willow's birth and felt like I knew what I was doing, what was to come.....I felt quite calm. Loree arrived, time passed, I wasn't sure how much. I started to wonder if we should get to the hospital. Loree encouraged us to hold off for a bit. We continued along, with Adam and Loree massaging me and encouraging me. Soon, my legs were feeling weak and shaky and any position changes were becoming very difficult. I started to worried that if I didn't leave the house soon, I wouldn't be able to leave at all. I guess this was around 3:47 am. We dressed me and got me into the car. The car ride was basically the last thing in the world that I wanted to do at that moment and quite frankly the last thing that any labouring woman or couple should have to go through. I couldn't sit in the car and instead sat backwards on my knees on the seat. Good thing Medicine Hat is so small and the car ride was quick. I almost willed myself not to have any contractions in the car - at least not a big one and so I just had a couple of smaller, shorter ones. When we arrived, Adam, Loree and I went in through the ER, Loree zipped me up to the Labour and Delivery area with me sitting backwards, on my knees in a wheelchair. I love that I don't concern myself with what people think of me...especially at 4 am while in labour! It was a pretty quiet night, I gather as I was put in a room right away. My nurse's name was Brandi, she was young and a very 'by the book' type of nurse. She offered me a hospital gown and I refused and joked that I was a bit of a hippy as I crawled naked onto the bed...I don't remember her smiling at my joke. She strapped on a fetal heart monitor and told me that she needed 20 minutes of reading from it. I told her baby was fine. Next she checked me and I was 7 cm dilated...good! Not far to go! That was at 4:10 am.

The next two hours are very blurry to me. In my labourland consciousness, I can remember little details, but I can't exactly piece them into the bigger picture. Time, space, everything carries a distorted meaning. All that pain and all those endorphins really do create a shift in consciousness. That is why it is great to have the perspective of the other people in the room like Adam, Loree and Julie to share it with. From what I can remember, at this point I just carry on as I was at home. I am in a similar position, except I am kneeling on the hospital bed, facing backwards, leaning against the propped up back of the bed. I continue toning. The contractions are strong. Adam is still doing pressure on my back, Loree is encouraging me, giving me sips of water. I meet Dr. Prince. I see that Julie is in the room and I smile makes me feel good to see a familiar face. (Julie is the intern Doctor who I met at a potluck brunch months ago and then later met at two of my maternity appointments. I had some good talks with her and feel comfortable with her as she knows many of my concerns and hopes for this birth) She does an internal exam and I am almost completely dilated except for a 1 cm anterior lip...which was the exact same thing that happened during Willow's birth. She asks if she can break my waters in the hopes that it will help to move things along. I politely refuse. I feel like I haven't been there long enough or 'stalled' to warrant any kind of intervention, no matter how small. I know that in a hospital, one thing can lead to another very quickly. It is at this point when Adam brings out the bottle of organic honey. Loree tells me that the medical staff stared at him, wide eyed, wondering what it was and what he was going to do with it. He said that he showed them the bottle "It's Honey!" and squeezed a good shot into a glass of water. It was our magic potion with Willow and we felt confident that it would help us out again. We try several things at this point. I remember wondering out loud if I should be pushing yet. Some one tells me that if I feel like it, to try pushing. It isn't good advice. I don't really feel the urge to bear down. I try in a couple different positions, with a squat bar. I try pushing while looking in a mirror. I am pushing but no contractions are really coming. I am not able to transition from toning into pushing. A voice inside my head tells me that it is not time to push yet....that this the quiet rest period before transition. I start to worry that I might be wearing myself out. I have a tiny worry that the nurses and doctors are going to start to suggest interventions. I don't want to hear it. I say out loud that I am scared...but I really just want someone to reassure me that everything is normal, that I am exactly where I should be, The vibe in the room is starting to get a little tense, with everyone feeling some kind of time pressure to get this happening....event hough in my mind is happening very quickly. Adam said after that he was feeling this too. At one point he leans over and asks me if I 'ready to go into my monkey brain'...meaning, am I ready to get primal. It makes me feel good and I think I am. I start to think about a mountain lion in cave and how she would bear her cubs. It's a good thought. I guess all this happened in the course of an hour...pretty hard to believe in retrospect...again, time takes on a different meaning when feeling all of this pain. So, if you think that was a lot to happen in a hour, just imagine what the next hour had in store for us....

At 5:10 nurse Brandi checks my cervix again and yup, sure enough, just as I had the feeling of, the anterior lip was still there. I knew that my body was not quite ready to begin the pushing phase. I try to move around in a few other positions...nothing feels 'right'. The bed is narrow and I was feeling kind of trapped by it. I decide that I need to go to the bathroom. While in there, I drink several more big gulps of honey water and I look at myself in the mirror. I see myself and a voice in my head tells me 'You can DO this!" The honey water hits my system and BANG! I have the monster contraction I have been waiting for. I call out for Adam, I feel like I can't stand....I feel like I am falling of the edge of the earth. Adam catches me under my arms. The nurse yells at us not to push in the bathroom...we get me back up onto the bed. It's 5:30, nurse Brandi checks my cervix again, the lip is still there but thinning - at this time she also broke my waters, without telling me. I was a little annoyed by this when later on I find out that my waters had been broken through conversation in the room. She made it sound like they broke by accident while she was doing the exam but I suspect that she did it on purpose. Either way, that shows one of the biggest differences between hospital care and the midwifery model...communication. I felt like no one was speaking to me, except my team of Adam and Loree. That made me uneasy. I finally find a position that feels right for me. I am on my knees on the edge of the bed facing Adam, my arms wrapped around his neck he is supporting me under my arms, holding onto me. In this position I can really let go, I trust Adam with every last fibre of my being. >I feel safe....I can feel his strength and use it as my own. It is a good position also because the medical staff is behind me and I can't see them, I don't want or need to see them. At this point Loree suggests to nurse Brandi to try moving the anterior lip with her hand. It is still soft enough and she is able to do that. Then another huge contraction. I feel like I have two sets of hands inside me....pain....Loree is telling me to push....I push with all my much pain....I burry my face in Adam's shoulder....I dig my grip into his back....push push push. Silas's head emerges. Julie and Doctor Prince rush in. There is a lot of action behind me...Again I would've appreciated some communication at this point. I was not aware that his head was out...I thought that the last contraction merely moved him down and that I was about to crown. I was told after that his shoulders were caught and they we busying themselves trying to get them 'unstuck'. I remember telling them that I was going to rest until the next contraction. they all seemed to chime in 'No...Push! Push! PUSH!' So I push with all my strength and all my soul and at 6:04 am, after two pushes I feel him emerge completely from me. I was so surprised, elated, thankful, thrilled and most of all surprised! That was it! I couldn't believe it was done already! Loree tells me after that along with Silas, came a gigantic lake of amniotic fluid that hit everyone in the room! Hooray! No one would be left untouched by this beautiful miracle. It seemed like forever before I got to hold him. Adam cut the cord, then I (finally) got to move off of my knees and lay down and hold this beautiful little man in arms for the very first time...the feeling was pure euphoria. Much hustle and bustle took place after...stitches for me...but not nearly as many as with Willow, my mighty trailblazer. Then hospital stuff, paperwork, Silas's vitamin K shot and measuring and stuff, a warm shower for me. I was so glad when Dr. Prince told us that because we weren't first time parents, we could leave when we felt we were ready. Well, I was ready! A comfy bed, yummy food and the promise of sweet sleep were all waiting for us at home. We left the hospital and were home by 10 am. Truly the most eventful six hours of my life. I had given birth to a beautiful 9 lb 13 oz baby boy...Life will never be the same again!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome Beautiful Boy

Adam and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, Silas Adam Greaves born August 15th at 6:04 am. It was a natural birth that took place at the Medicine Hat Hospital...after 5.5 hours of labour. He weighed in at 9 lbs, 13.5 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He is completely gorgeous and we are overwhelmed with Love and joy for the newest member of our clan.

Friday, August 14, 2009

T'was The Night Before Sunbeam

This video was taken about three hours before labour began....I think we were both very ready to get Sunbeam out!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok, so now I am just sailing in a swirly world of waiting and waiting. The lack of sleep due to all the discomforts of this huge belly are taking their toll. The days spent without Adam, at home, with Willow are exhausting. I really want this baby to now, if possible. It's gotta happen this weekend, right? It's gotta happen soon. One bonus is that the weather turned and now we are expecting rain for days. Fine by me, at least it's not hot. And I have been spending little bits of time getting all of my Willow baby photos, computer files and scrap booking stuff finished up and organized and clearing the way for a whole new wave of documentation. Now all I need is a little face to look at and a little body to cuddle close...c'mon Sunbeam....I know you want to come out to play!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friends, Family

Waiting is difficult. I am so grateful to all the friends and family who have been keeping in touch and keeping my spirits up. It really means a lot. Thel visits and phone calls are keeping me going. My Mom especially has been a lifesaver, coming over to hang with Willow, read her stories and keep her occupied while I have a bath or a nap. Today we sauntered out for a little shopping excursion and man o man, I was done after an hour. Walking is not fun. But the change of scenery is. This can't last much longer, can it? i feel like I am on the last legs of a very long marathon. i just can't wait to reach the finish line!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mat Clinic Appointment

Kind of the last thing in the world that I wanted to do today was head over to the Mat Clinic at the hospital for another appointment. But I am glad I went..It turned out to be pretty good. I got to see Julie, the intern that I know, and Dr. Whitfield (female physician) and had a pretty long appointment (20 minutes or so) and got the chance to talk and ask some questions. They gave me the low down on a couple of the doctors and the schedule that is coming up this week. I also asked about who was more sympathetic or respectful of a midwifery model and they said that basically, the doctors listen to what the nurses are telling them, seeing how they are the ones who would have spent the last several hours with us. So again, the message that I was getting was the nurses are awesome and communicate as much of our desires, requests, intentions etc to our nurse if we want to see things happen in a certain way. Kind of reassuring. I also got Julie to check me (no sweep, though) just to see if I had started thinning or dilating yet and nothing really is happening. I am maybe one cm dilated. That was a little surprising and disappointing as I thought that maybe something had started happening. I was asking them when they are back on shift as their shift was almost over for the day and it was not until the weekend. Ugh! I would love it if they were my delivery 'team' but I cannot fathom waiting until the weekend. Oh well, good thing I have no control over it anyways. Well, when I got back I was feeling a little bummed...I have been riding on an anticipatory edge for several days now, thinking that I might just go into labour at an moment. Now it just feels like I am letting go of that, which is probably a good thing. Adrenalin is supposedly the opposite of endorphins and can prevent the body from relaxing enough to dilate. So, I am going to chill out in an air conditioned room and not even think about it....maybe I'll get Adam to give me a foot massage. G'night Sunbeam....see you ...whenever.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How About Today?

Went for a long walk at Police Point Park this was really hot, too but it didn't seem to 'trigger' anything. Just had a nice nap...we have not been sleeping well in our house as we are trying to get Willow adjusted to Daddy doing more of the night time parenting...she not really going for it. Gonna go have a hot bath, then dinner at Grandmas. Maybe because we made some dinner plans, he will decide that the time is right....I dunno.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Patience Patience...

Well, the full moon has passed and I am trying to wait patiently. Today was my 'official' due date...I guess, I technically still have 30 minutes before I am overdue. Hahaha. I have had several changes happening in my body. Lots of pressure downwards, cramps, kind of like period cramps...and strong one at times. Yesterday I lost my mucous plug, something I don't really remember happening with Willow. I thought for sure that things were getting rolling and I wouldn't let Adam go back to work after lunch but then nothing really happened. Watched a movie, pretty mellow. Same old achey back (and front) but no real action. Tonight I had a couple contractions and aches, but again, nothing regular or rhythmic. I had a good day, though. Did a bunch of weeding a picking in the is so overgrown! Then cooked a super yummy supper of rice bowls with beets, carrots, beans and chard from the garden. So awesome. I was surprised to see how much Willow was loving it! Lots of time spent with Adam and Willow, a good long nap...a couple outings...yes a very good day. Now all I need is to have a baby! I told Sunbeam in the shower today, as I listened to Adam and Willow making music in the living room, "C'mon out and join the party!'

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Savour These Moments....Right?

I guess today is my 'first' due date. I have been trying to enjoy these last few moments of is possible that it may never happen again! Such a fleeting state, I want to cherish it. It certainly is easier when:
a. I get some decent rest
b. I get some help with Willow
c. It is overcast and cool rather than scorching hot and 35 C
Adam took some really nice photos last night and we even got a few of us together which makes me very happy. It's like we know that this could happen at any moment so we are trying to savour and capture the last precious few. I hope I can always recall what it was like to feel Sunbeam dancing and kicking around my belly.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sunbeam, I can feel you there, sitting so low, just waiting for that precisely right moment to make your grand entrance. When will it be? People have often told me that finding out the gender of your baby at the moment of birth is the most amazing surprise in life. Well, if that is true, then waiting for the moment that labour begins must be a close second. I just can't stand the waiting. Every little cramp, pain, movement, I wonder "Is this it?" Please Please Please decide to come before the weekend because it is supposed to be back up to 30 C again. Thank you. I Love You. I can't wait to hold you in my arms, little man. xoxox

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Well, this weekend certainly has left me feeling like I am basically as ready as i will ever be for little Sunbeam to arrive. It was such a relief to have Adam home for a long weekend....three days of sharing all the work is great! On Saturday, we celebrated Grandma's birthday by heading out to the Heritage Day Festival first thing in the morning. It was nice to do something together and I know that Willow really enjoyed herself. I, however, found myself drifting from chair to chair to bench...I cannot really walk or stand for more than 10-15 minutes at a stretch, and even that is pushing it at times. I am also the biggest void-brain that there ever was. Being out and about and running into people that I know through Medalta or the Arts Board really accents my lack of brain ability right now. I did enjoy making Willow a little corn husk doll at the free kids workshop, which is interesting. My ability to sit quietly and be crafty is still alive and well. As is my ability to eat...we went for a really nice lunch with Mom...enjoying the mid day sunshine on a lush, shady patio. It was really nice. Of course tho' the rest of the day I was pooped and even the next day. But with Adam's help, we got lots of little tasks done...along with some relaxing and playing in the yard and I even got to do some catch up scrap booking. Today, tho' was a different story. I woke up completely achey...pain in my lower pelvis, inner the point where I can hardly walk. Hot bath, a nap , Adam made dinner and cleaned everything....threw in laundry, did recycling....the works. He is being a star...I guess he is seeing that the 'end' is near too and can see me struggling to just be. With all the varying talk of due dates, (ranging from the 6th to the 10th of August) I am ignoring what I have been told is Sunbeam's due date and going more with how and what I am feeling. Gauging from that, today marks a huge step towards his grand arrival. My body is really getting ready and my brain is gearing up for the big internal journey. It won't be long, now, Sunbeam...and I can't wait for you to arrive!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blooming Belly

Toady was a fun morning...a friend of mine came by to practice her body painting on my big belly. What could be a more perfect certainly is roomy and voluminous enough to work on! It was nice to just kick back while Willow, Elina and Cole played...Willow was quite interested with what was going on with Mom's belly. The funny thing was that I had my appointment at the maternity clinic later that afternoon. Of course it would be the first day that I actually have an appointment with a Doctor (rather than a nurse or intern) so I did 'warn' him before he took a look at it. Ha-ha! It was funny. He seemed really surprised and said that it was the first time he had ever seen a painted belly....obviously not a West Coast doctor, huh? So we listened to little Sunbeams' heart rate, which was somewhere around 133 bpm. And he measured my fundus height, which I am measuring 40. And he 'informed' me of baby's position inside me...I put that in quotation marks because, naturally, I can feel exactly where baby is, where his head, his bum, his legs and his shoulders are. I don't need someone digging their fingers into my tender, tender lower abdomen to tell me 'That is his head...' thank you very much. Geez. Anyways, the rest of the appointment was spent with me asking him as many questions that I could think of about how to ensure that I have the type of birthing experience in the hospital closest to my vision. He basically said to communicate as much as possible to the nurses. He also seemed to get less and less 'friendly' as the conversation went on and threw in a couple 'scare' story about why he is completely opposed to home births. Whatever. If he does end up being the doctor who catches Sunbeam that would be fine...he was nice enough and I am sure that once I reminded him that I was the Mama with the painted belly that he might crack a smile. I also got a tour of the labour and delivery area and met one of the nurses, who was very very nice. The facility looks good and is actually a little nicer than the hospital in Van, newer and that was good to see. Knowing that Sunbeam will most likely come into the world in one of those rooms takes a lot of the 'mystery' away and makes me feel more ok with it all. The most important thing is going to be finally holding that little man in my arms.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nesting nesting.....

Today as an awesome day for nesting. I had been wanting to have an 'at home' day, with Adam as my man-slave, er , um, devoted husband, for a long time and today we finally made it happen. We got our bedroom re-organized with the bassinet and the change table and Adam even fixed my totally unstable (crappy) ikea dresser. It is a bit of a juggling act with a two bedroom house...and the bedrooms are quite small, but I think we have cleverly made excellent use of the space. I washed all of mine and baby's bedding - in fact I probably did 8 loads of laundry. Washed and organized all of the brilliant hand-me downs that I got from various friends for baby. I have boxes of boy clothes ranging all the way up to 24 months! Awesome! The best thing is I feel like we finally got to a place where if baby were to arrive two weeks early we would actually be ready for him. Of course I have been feeling his arrival date coming closer and closer. After yesterday's scorching walk about about at Kiddies Day at the Rodeo/Stampede, today my body was in complete pain in my back, inner legs, lower belly....I felt grumpy and hardly able to walk or stand at was the perfect day to spend a long spell in our air conditioned room, sitting on the bed folding laundry and organizing drawers of baby clothes while dictating my room re-arranging wishes to Adam. After today I feel so much more positive, excited and prepared for the arrival of this little man! Now we just need to come up with some more names.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doula Appointment

I had my last appointment with my Doula today. I was glad that we scheduled it for today as Adam is out of town on his camping trip with 'his youth' from I have been fending for myself for these three days. It is pretty exhausting not having that evening/bedtime break from Willow. But today I dropped her off at Grandma's so that Loree and I could have our appointment uninterrupted...better for Willow and better for me. We basically just talked a lot more about how we plan to manoeuvre through the hospital's system...looked at my birth plan a bit more and generally made a plan of action for the big day.I know that having Loree there will be the extra support that both Adam and I will need. I know that I can never predict what is going to happen, and that each birth is different, but I can't help but think that this labour will be much shorted than Willow's. That is my vibe. As far as due dates go, however, I have no idea what is going to happen there....I doubt I will be a week late, but I also doubt that I will be very early either. As for now I am just going with the flow, waiting patiently. I find it completely unbelievable that in just over two weeks, we will have another child, a son!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Prenatal Appointment

Today Adam came with me to my appointment, which was great. He took a three day weekend and Auntie Angie is here at my Mom's place so they were happy to play with Willow for a couple hours. The wait was a little long...lots of deliveries I guess. But it was funny, the person who did our appointment this time was an intern....and we had met her and her husband and kids at a potluck brunch a couple of months ago. She is very friendly and I wouldn't mind one bit if she were to catch Sunbeam as he enters the world. Ironic, though that I still haven't met any doctors yet. I was able to ask her quite a few questions and talk about my concerns in regards to having the type of delivery that I am hoping for and she was quite reassuring. She said that basically communication with the nurses is the key...they can do a lot to clue the doctor into what our preferences and requests might be. I made a joke about the nurses being able to 'warn the doctor about a crazy hippy lady in room 3' and Julie laughed. The appointment went well, everything is looking good. I lost a pound or two but in the grand scheme of things that is no big deal. I am measuring bang on for baby's age..that's good, not too big not too small, right? I do feel like Sunbeam has dropped down a little. My shape is different, this morning when I woke up Willow even looked at my belly and said "Mommy not pregnant anymore..." So I am more like a low slung gigantic pear now rather than a hugely protruding shelf-like apple shape, if that makes any sense. This is a pic from today...a very rainy day with nice light filtering through our living room window. I know my belly looks super other Mamas it looks beautiful and amazing, to people who don't have babies it may look scary and ugly. I Love it, it is just the most incredible and magical thing to actually experience the transformation of my body into a life producing vessel!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Shower BBQ....

Some of our friends got together to host a BBQ for us to help celebrate little Sunbeam's imminent arrival. It was some good times and fun on a Sunday afternoon. By the end of it I was so pooped...but it made me feel very special! It really won't be too long now, Sunbeam, until I can hold you in my arms and looks into your little face. I am getting so excited to meet you!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunny Chillin'

I know Sunbeam is going to be a Sun-baby. Not only is his sign of Leo ruled by the Sun....he has also spent some good times catching sunbeams through my belly. I wonder what is it like inside there in the bright sunshine...all red and firey looking? I do know that my skin is transparent enough to let the light through. And judging from the hyper-happy kicks and movement, Sunbeam seems pretty excited by it and probably can't wait to catch a few real sunbeams on his own! In the meantime I will try to spend a little time lounging in the sun and relaxing....for the good of the both of us!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ahhh, the 'ole balancing teacup routine, eh? It's the little things that are amusing...mostly I am just tired, pooped, and exhausted!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insomnia and Stuff....

Well Sunbeam, it seems that you are already keeping me from getting my beauty sleep...It is midnight and you are summer-saulting and hip hopping so much in there that it makes me feel the complete opposite of relaxed. Maybe I should hop into to a hot bath and have a good soak...but I am afraid to wake Willow (she'll wake up in a few hours anyways....) I suppose that in some way you are just preparing me for what is to come. I am looking forward to meeting you so much that I am almost getting excited about labour and birth. We had another meeting tonight with our Doula, Loree, which was great. The relationship with her does fill in a lot of the gaps left by this wonky system and not being able to access a midwife. We can talk in depth about optimum positions, how to best ensure that we get the natural birth we are hoping for and other concerns or challenges that I may be facing. I am very grateful to have this kind of support. Tomorrow is my first appointment at the Maternity clinic. I am trying to keep an open mind but part of me is preparing for a really less than stellar experience. We shall see. It looks like the next time I meet with her will be on one of the days that Adam is away on his camping trip, which will be really good. I am feeling a little nervous about him going out of town so close to my due date so I think it will be very reassuring to know that I will be seeing her at that time. We are (hopefully) going to arrange for and afternoon tour of the labour and delivery area of the hospital which I think is good for me. I will do much better, I am sure going into an environment that is not completely foreign to me.

Well. I think the official count now is 46 days to go. That is exciting but it still feels like a long haul. Ok, Sunbeam....can I please go to sleep now????

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Father's Day...

And we've got two reasons to celebrate the Best Daddy in the World! We had a great day together. I am so happy that Adam is finally done school for 2 months! Now we can get to all of those little nesting projects that I have in my mind...I can't believe that we only have 50 days to go...but at the same time, when I feel the weight of this huge belly I fell more like "Holy Cow! How can I live like this for another 50 days!!!!" Ahhh, no fear little Sunbeam....for you, I would (and will) endure much worse.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Seeking Shade....

Oh how could one ever tire of looking at picture of this incredible certainly amazes me at times.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I was reading through some of my doula material and one thing that Loree wrote really stood out for me, "I hope you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy..." I can't say that lately I have really been embracing that sentiment. Although I cherish Sunbeam's dancing movements, flip flops and frenzied kicks....there are many moments when I find the physical challenges, well, very challenging...and not too enjoyable. Nothing is absolute and I can accept that. But good thing there are afternoons like this one, where the sunshine is unbeatable and relaxation and enjoyment are the only goals of the moment....I love this little Sunbeam inside of me...and marvel at the amazing-ness of new life that is underway!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling Like.....

Ok Ok I know...what do Nikki and this yellow balloon have in common.....?...or...

Nikki was soon to be a Mummy
she had a huge, round tummy
it already looked like a balloon
but it was only June
which made her feel kinda bummy.

I gotta laugh...'cause if I didn't I might cry.....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We found a Doula!

I am very pleased to report that we have found and hired a doula. I had been thinking about it more and more recently, especially when Adam starting saying things like " I wonder if I am going to remember what to do during labour...". it made me realize that I certainly do not want us to go into this weird hospital situation without some very strong advocacy and support on our side. I feel really confident in Loree. She had done over 850 births, has lived in the Hat for 8 or 10 years and knows all of the hospital staff, nurses and doctors. Considering I likely won't even know the doctor who will be catching Sunbeam, that makes me feel a lot better. She understands how this particular small town system works and we will be discussing with her in detail all of our wishes, hopes and expectations for the birth. I know I cannot have the zero gravity, water birth that I have always hoped to have, but I can have another successful, natural birth...and I think with her there working with us, that will be that much more achievable. Also, she has done a 21 day workshop with Ina May (one of the most respected midwives in the world) and Adam and I both seem to jive with her personality type, which is of huge importance. She offers a whole list of services including a tour of the hospital, and visit us after the birth. Oh and another bonus it that before she became a doula, she was a photographer so part of her 'package' includes pictures from the birth, which is great! It is amazing how much more at ease I feel now.....I am really really happy to have our 'team' in place and ready to go. (but not for at least two more months....)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

30 Weeks

Getting really excited to meet our little son. We are thinking and talking about names all the time. If you have any ideas send them our way. I don't want to reveal the ones I really like so as to not jinx them in any way...(or have them stolen! Haha!) My bod is holding up...moving slowly...getting tired that is for sure. Lots of movement. Braxton Hicks contractions. Minimal brain capacity (me,that is...) that's why I love hanging in the garden and communing with the plants...they don't expect much in the way of conversation. I love the weekends when Adam is really lightens my spirits and my workload with Willow and allows me some time to chill out a little.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zombie Girl....

I had a doctor's appointment last one with my GP as now I get brilliantly shuffled over to the famed Maternity Clinic. I am not looking forward to that at all as I have heard the horror stories of women stuck in the waiting room for 4 hours, with their toddlers in tow. I swear, if that were me, I would just skip it. Whatever. Well, today's appointment went really well. I am measuring 30 cm, so a little large for the age but not too big, which was nice to hear. Sunbeam's heartbeat was coming in loud and clear at 152 beats per minute. Even my doctor, who doesn't really say too much, commented on what a loud, strong heartbeat it was. And other than that, no exciting news to tell. My weight is up to 154 wonder I feel huge...I am! That makes me up 30 lbs from my start weight. I am feeling it so much more these days....sore lower back and butt....getting winded by short little stints of activity like digging in the garden....some cramps and possibly the start of some braxton hicks contractions.....and insomnia.....oh the tiredness! With Willow fighting off a doozy of a cold this week, and not sleeping well, I feel like l am from the living dead. Pregnant Zombie Girl...nice image. Oh well, I revel in the fact that I know it will not last forever. i must remember to relish the feeling of Sunbeam's dancing flip flops in my belly...'casuse I am never doing this again! HaHaHa!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ample Bellys

Today I ran into a friend at the grocery store who is also pregnant. She is due on June 2nd, which is only a couple weeks away. We chatted for a minute and I couldn't help but notice that my belly is about the same size as hers....and hers is an ample belly. So, here I am at 29 weeks, looking like I am already full term but I have 11 weeks to go...maybe if I am lucky this baby will come a little early???

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Daze....

Ahhh, it seems that summer and the sun have finally arrived. it was a long time waited this year, it seems. We had a few nice days back in April but up until yesterday, each evening I was checking the weather network for frost warnings! I am pleased that I got the whole veggie garden in last weekend and am now just puttering with herbs and sunflowers and pretty stuff. There really is no place I would rather be than our own back yard. It will be so beautiful, in August, to sit back there with little Sunbeam, enjoying the sunbeam's. And I often project to next summer, when I will have two little rugrats exploring the yard to keep track of while I try to putter and plant. Ahhhhh, working in the garden on a sunny day is like exhaling completely...mindful, cleansing, relaxing.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun Times...

We have had a steady flow of family arriving for the past couple days. Angie, Judea, Chris, Taly, Artemis and Demeter have all arrived for Dad's internment ceremony. We have been looking forward to their arrival for weeks so it is exciting that they are all finally here. Chris and I conjured up a plan whereby we leave the trio of girls (Artemis, Demeter and Willow) with the trio of women (Mom, Angie and Judea) for a few hours in the afternoon while we go to catch the new Star Trek movie. We figured that the 3 to 3 ratio should be okay. (And before I go on any further, from the bottom of my tired-out heart....thank you for the break, Mom, Angie and Judea!) Well, it's funny because I remember Adam and I were going to go check out the Transformers movie while I really pregnant with Willow, but in the end I decided that I couldn't do it for fear the loud, crazy movie violence would disturb our little sweet pea. Naturally, I have eased up quite a bit on some of my pregnancy 'rules' this time around. For instance, I didn't feel the need to give up my morning cup of strong coffee. I figured with the amount of good sleep I actually get and the amount of pleasure I get from that first sip each morning, along with the hope that drinking coffee might actually lower the birthweight of Sunbeam, (haha I'm joking, sort of....)I think it was a good decision. Other 'rules have been tightened up, like I haven't consumed any alcohol whatsoever with this pregnancy, whereas with Willow I did have a few little sips here and there. (and I must say she is perfectly advanced for her age so I don't believe that there was any negative effect on her...) So, this choice to go to a big screening of Star Trek was completely in good fun. I think our quiet lives here in the Hat could use a little bit of loud excitement anyways. Well, Sunbeam seemed to really enjoy it, because as soon as the trailers started, in full surround sound, he was kicking and summersaulting up a storm. I know I keep projecting little things onto him already, but I really do think that we've got a little Trekkie on our hands. Which, really, considering how much Adam and Chris were both exclaiming 'So Awesome!' at the end of the movie, it really won't be a surprise to see this little Y chromosome follow in his male role-model's footsteps. Wow! What a concept...Sunbeam's male role models....what a lucky little guy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

A very special Mother's Day for me this year...I am Mom to a beautiful almost two year old and an acrobatic little guy in my belly. We went for a nice walk at Police Point Park...but was I ever moving slowly! I feel like I have much more of a waddle this time around...and I feel like the belly is bigger than it was with Willow. Makes sense. Every since we found out little Sunbeam's gender, I just feel that much closer to him. And it is pretty amazing to think about what the future holds....I can't believe that one day this little guy is going to be a man, bigger and taller than me (in all likelihood) It is going to be really amazing to parent a boy....I almost have no idea what to expect. I foresee a bit of a learning curve, which is totally fine. I am really loving my Motherhood journey. I feel so blessed to be loved and supported by a truly wonderful husband. Without him, this journey really wouldn't be possible, enjoyable or nearly as magical. So today is a day filled with gratitude...gratitude to my own Mom, who showed me how to be great Mom and to Mothers in the world everywhere....I can finally appreciate the life bearers of our planet in a much more direct way...and the magnitude of the task. It's nothing short of Goddess-ness!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Early Mother's Day...

Well, it seems that all this week I have been the recipient of early Mother's Day treats and surprises. After my call out on Facebook for any hand-me-down maternity clothes, two of my lovely girlfriends sent me packages in the mail. I am now the owner of a fully updates, funky, seasonally appropriate maternity wardrobe. Yay! Thank you so much, girls! I feel like a new person. Now I need to get Adam to take lots of pics of my Big Mama Huge-ness.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Code Blue!

So, we had our second ultrasound today. It took about an hour because a practicum student was in on it. Thank goodness that halfway through they let me get up to pee! They did alot of technical measuring and didn't reall get tot he fun stuff until quite far into it. But we did get to find out the gender of our little baby and Adam and I were both very surprised to find out that Sunbeam is a boy! We were looking at a shot of his little bum and legs and the technician says to us " Well, you know what that is..." and as we looked at the grainy, black and white ultrasound picture Adam said that he thought to himself, ' Ok, so there's the vagina...' I personally couldn't really decipher anything so when she really spelled it out for us "...there's the penis..." we were so surprised! Those pictures sort of move from internal to external pictures so rapidly, it is hard to make anything out so I think it's pretty cute that we couldn't see what the tech thought was hugely obvious. We also got to see Sunbeam's beautiful, chubby face. I think he may have my head and nose shape but that's hard to determine, too. Having an ultrasound done at 26 weeks rather than 19 weeks makes baby appear much cuter and chubbier which was neat. I guess I am measuring exactly right on for his due date actually shows up as two days earlier...August 6th. I don't really know how they determine that one. Sunbeam already weight 2 lbs and 4 oz and his legs are really long, his femur measuring 5 cm already! Wow, it is so cool to be able to say 'him'. It really has taken all day for this to begin to sink in...we are going to have a son! Now I can spend the next while thinking about boy names and going through ll the bags of baby clothes that have accumulated to weed out the really really girly stuff. I think that Sunbeam may be able to feel that he is centre of a lot of our attentions today because he has been kicking and dancing up a storm and those long legs are poking way up into my ribs already. I really can't believe that in less than 100 days, we will have another child! I am thrilled, happy, nervous and completely freaked out all at the same time!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rainbow Baby...

Had an appointment at the GP today. All goes well in the baby-growing world. I am up 22 lbs so I guess that is good...the belly is getting BIG. I listened to Sunbeam's heartbeat...I think the doctor said it was between 133 and 146 I am not sure if that is slow or just average. Apparently a slower heartbeat is one way to predict a boy and a faster one is one way to predict a girl but who knows. i think we need to try the 'pendulum test' for true folk medicinal accuracy. I was also able to obtain another ultrasound, which I guess is a very rare thing in these parts. My doctor's reasoning was 'measuring small for baby's age' but I am actually measuring bang on for 24 weeks. If I was measuring small you can bet I would be celebrating...ha ha just kidding. But considering the scheduling mishap that took place with our last ultrasound..I knew it was kind of rushed through...this will give us one more opportunity to possibly find out Sunbeam's gender. Although Willow already has him/her pegged as a 'sister' who is a 'boy'. Sounds good to me...I always felt like my Leo-guy friends were kinds like 'sistas', in a way. Haha...besides whatever little Sunbeam comes out as, he/she will be wearing a lot of pink...or maybe if we do as Adam suggested and buy a bottle of blue fabric dye, then a lot of purpley-fuchsia color so 'boy-sister' might be kinds of appropriate....whatever....I am just being silly, it really couldn't matter less.....Sunbeam Sunbeam...I can feel you, I can see you and I Love you my precious little one!

Monday, April 20, 2009

24 Weeks

The belly is feeling HUGE...can't believe still have so far yet to go....(please ignore that big blob of sunscreen on my face, my photographer failed to inform me of it....)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Checkin' the Belly

It kind of feels like this pregnancy belongs to all of us...our whole family. I guess that is because since becoming a Mum it kind of feels like my body belongs to the family and not just to me. Willow has a deep fascination with her younger sibling...even though I am pretty sure that she doesn't really understand what that means exactly. We read her books about families bringing home a new baby...She wants to touch and hug and kiss and cuddle with 'baby' all the time. She rubs cream on my belly and sings songs to her little sib. It is very sweet to see her Love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunbeam Boogie....

Little Sunbeam...I am feeling you all the time now. It sometimes takes a very quiet moment for me to sit, or lay and deeply contemplate think about and dream about who you are, what your presence will mean to our family, what kind of baby will you be. So, I haven't had the chance to really begin to figure out the answer to these questions...and I won't be able to ether, until you are in my arms. But I feel you all the time, your boogie down dance in my belly, your kicks and even keep me awake at nights now. I am excited to meet the amazing-ness that is you, tiny one....

Friday, April 10, 2009

News Flash!

Last night I saw Sunbeam kicking for the first time. So those kicks and movements are getting big enough to this baby going to be bigger than Willow was? Scary...

Monday, April 6, 2009

22 Weeks... belly just keeps expanding!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kicks kicks kicks...

Well,, what was once a novel, light feeling of 'was that a baby kick?' Has now turned into a regular, completely normal occurrence throughout every day and every night. My little communication kicking dance with Sunbeam is in full swing. I have even woken up a few times at night and only to not be able to fall back asleep because of it....pretty soon those summersaults and swirls will be waking me up. Even Adam has been feeling them for the last week or so. You know that when surfacing, that little being inside just seems that much more real to me, to us. So, I know that from here on in, it's just like Willow says, "Baby get bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, BIGGER!". Ok, sweetie, I get the picture! My limitations are becoming much more apparent to me now..walking for long periods is not a cinch anymore, and carrying Willow is something I do only out of complete necessity. After a busy days like today (groceries, new sand box shopping, easter egg decorating and walk back from downtown) it was all I could to do slide into a hot bath for 20 minutes before being able to think about doing anything else. My hamstrings were so sore! Tomorrow: lots of stretching and living room yoga for sure.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Halfway There....

Well, it is hard to believe that we are already halfway there to Sunbeam's birthday. I am definitely feeling HUGE these days. I know must be looking bigger than I was the first time around, which is a little disconcerting. If I am just a little fatter, I don't mind. But if this baby is on it's way to being bigger than Willow was then I am worried. At first I think I was thinking that Sunbeam would take is easy on me and not be so big. But now I am facing the very real possibility that this baby will just do whatever it wants, including weighing over 10 lbs. That makes for not only a fairly heroic birth but also makes the last several months of pregnancy pretty darn tiring and uncomfortable. Either way, it seems that the arrival of this little baby is racing towards us faster than I can even fathom. I really haven't done any 'nesting' or 'readying' yet. When will that happen...when labour begins?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Doctor's Visit...

I had booked another appointment for Dr. Duke today, which I was going to cancel, seeing how I had just seen her last week. I decided to keep it, however as I was reminded that I still hadn't done a full medical history with her and as such kept forgetting to mention that my niece, Demeter was born with am ASD and a VSD (which has since been totally 'fixed' with surgery.) Because of this and the possible genetic factors, when I was pregnant with Willow, in Vancouver, I was given a very thorough, cardiac ultrasound to really check the development of her heart. I wanted to mention that to my GP here just in case she felt like I should have another ultrasound. She wasn't very concerned about it and said that first of all, we don't have access to those types of ultrasounds here in Medicine Hat (surprise surprise) and two: there didn't seem to be any indicators that Sunbeam's heart may be affected by this condition. Still, I will re-visit this with her again next month...I am certainly not opposed to getting another ultrasound, for any reason. I double checked on the heartbeat from last week and it was at 153 beats/minute, which she said was right in the middle, but what I think is a little toward the high side...(does that put Sunbeam more towards the 'code pink' category, I don't know....) I am getting my 'halfway there' blood work done to test iron and B12 levels so that is good. It was good to have that appointment, though, because I do always feel so rushed through my appointments. There is certainly a world of difference between a 10 minute visit with a GP and a 45 minute visit with a midwife. Even though it is completely annoying to sit in a doctor's office with them always running 45 minutes late on appointments, even first thing in the morning, I will still continue to book as many of these 10 minute segments as I feel necessary to get the basic care that I feel I require. I mean, if I hadn't gone to this appointment then I wouldn't have gotten the requisition to get my blood checked for another 4 or five weeks which to me doesn't seem right. Truly, I really feel as though I cannot complain enough about the inadequacies of this system I am in.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

19 Week Check Up....

Well finally a trip to my GP and some concrete news today. The results of the triple screen came back (finally) and all was positive or good or whatever the terminology is for A-Okay. My blood sugar and blood pressure are all fine. And the ultrasound revealed a perfectly sized little sunbeam for the gestational age. Even little Beamer's heart rate sounded strong a good...although I can't remember the number exactly right now. Willow was with me at the doctor's and she was a little bit worried about everything that was going on with Mummy so I was a bit distracted, too. Also, I officially weighed in at 137 lbs, up 12 lbs from my start weight, so that is good, too. All in all a reassuring and positive confirmation that this little baby is doing just great.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our First Glimpse....

Having an ultrasound is a very cool experience. The first little glimpse into the face of your baby is magical and reassuring. What we saw was a beautifully formed baby, measuring in the exact range for their age. We saw that baby has a really pretty shaped head and quite delicate features and very long legs. I was really anxious to find out the gender of little Sunbeam, but I guess he/she is a modest little baby because there was no amount of tummy jiggling that was going open Sunbeam's little legs, or change their position....Sunny kept them clamped shut. Adam and I are both thrilled to know that baby is looking heathy and now I guess we really can believe that soon there will be another addition to our family. Willow also had quite the interesting look at baby...she sat on Daddy's lap and met her sibling for the first time. She was fascinated and poked Mommy' tummy several times talking about the 'baby inside'. She still is insisting that Sunbeam is a boy, so we shall see how her prediction pans the meantime, Hello Sunbeam...from your new family. We Love you, we are getting ready for you and we can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Jumpin' Bean....

I can now absolutely, without a doubt, feel little Sunny moving around inside. I especially feel baby's movement when I lay down and stretch out for a moment. I have even had Adam put his hand on my belly and her has felt the slight kicks and movement. This sort of starts the beginning of a new phase of my relationship with this sweet child of mine. My belly has popped out quite a bit now to make the fact that I am pregnant unmistakable. So along with that come the beginning of the aches and challenges of carrying that extra being.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moving Along....

Really getting a belly now......I weighed myself today and I am up 11 lbs from my start that is why I am starting to feel tired and sore backness lately. All those maternity clothes are starting to come in handy now. So, add that extra 11 lbs on the 27 lbs that Willow weighed in at today and it is no wonder that I get winded when I am hauling the two of us around! I am feeling the little Sunbeam more and more now. The flutterings that last time I was hesitant to guess were baby, I now know to be. Can't wait until the week after next we will have the ultrasound which should be a thrill. I also have a doctor's appointment that week, which I am happy about. I haven't seen my doctor in about 5 or 6 weeks and am still awaiting the results from the triple screen, which was done 3 or 4 weeks ago. I guess they are sent to Calgary to be done there but really, there is no point in doing these tests if I can't get the results for 5 weeks. Such sub standard care here compared to Vancouver. Good thing I am not an anxious Mom, or a first time Mom because I think it would stress me out more if I were.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Belly Love

Willow loves  her new sibling already....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So the little bump is growing a bit.  I just read a whole bunch of information on BPA and other toxins that affect development of fetuses and are present in breast milk and I feel kind of hopeless about ever ridding myself of this stuff.  Really, if this stuff is bad, why the hell are we using so much of it????  I eat (and have been eating) probably about one canned food item at least every day or two for about 35 years now.  Canned beans, chick peas, coconut milk, canned peaches, wild salmon, Amy's soups...this is all stuff that I have in my cupboard right now.  I buy almost 100% organic I just negating all that with this damned BPA canned stuff????Ahhhh, little babies of mine, am I going to bring you into a toxic world of inevitable disease and cancer?????  Feeling a little discouraged here....but I am truly doing the best I can.  And I need to take heart that Willow is literally as healthy as a horse, she has hardly even had a cold and never a flu or worse (which may be a testament to how hermit-like we are here in our prairie town...or to the strength of those breast milk antibodies of mine....)But according to what I am reading, all of the effects of BPA don't really show up until puberty.  Hmmm, I think I need a cup of tea and a foot rub....I am sure that the stress of thinking about this stuff isn't great either.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 100

Well, it's a little weird to believe, but I have been pregnant for 100 days....ok correction here, I am on day 100 of my pregnancy but Sunbeam's age since conception is 86 days....I always forget about that first two weeks that is counted as the pregnancy but technically your not really pregnant yet.....anyways, I've got 180 more to go. Am I the only one who is finding this unbelievable.  I guess because I don't have the same 'out there in the world' kind of life that I had when I was pregnant with Willow...I just don't get the same kind of constant reminders that I did before.  Life is quiet, cozy and of course, very hectic...time just seems to fly by without me giving me much thought.  Of course my appetite reminds me that there is a little person growing inside my belly....and it is beginning to grow...I know it will become much more real to me when I begin to feel those first flutters inside...which could actually begin at any time now.  Hello Sunbeam...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weird Dreams....

Of course, I think about the fact that I am pregnant many times a day.  It always seems to be at night, even while sleeping that I 'tune in' a little more.  My hands naturally gravitate to my belly, I can feel the slight swelling, hardening happening.  Still very slight.  I had a weird dream the other night that Sunbeam was bigger, probably about 5 months, and was pushing under my skin and stretching my skin so that I could see the exact outline of his/her head and form....very alien-like (in the way that the Alien babies just burst out of the host's stomach.....hmmm does that dream mean that I feel like a host?) But it was neat because I could really see little Sunbeam's face.  It wasn't a scary dream...and I only wish my skin were really that rubbery and elastic.  Ok, Ok, maybe no more peanut butter sandwiches before bed.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

That's a Heartbeat!

Had my first prenatal appointment today with my GP, Dr. Duke. She is a really good doctor but I am thoroughly disappointed because I will only get to see her up until 30 weeks, at which point I will get transferred over to the Maternity Clinic which is basically a feed lot for pregnant women. No personalized care, take whichever doctor happens to be on for your appointments and your labour and delivery.  That's the brilliant system they have set up here with absolutely no alternatives available.  Choice?  Who needs choice?  Anyways, I am trying not to think about that too much for now, lest it damper my spirits about this little Sunbeam in my belly.  All of my blood work came out very good and I got to hear that gorgeous little sounds of baby's heart.  THis is going to be quite the journey, tiny one...I am ready...I love you already!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2nd Trimester....

Wow and Whew.  That went quickly but I am also happy to see it pass as many women don't experience as much morning sickness after the first trimester is over.  I have been feeling quite a bit better in the past couple of weeks...I think that the tiredness and the slightly lightheaded feelings that I have will only be increasing as the baby grows.  But now to think of this perfect, tiny little baby inside me, with all it's fingernails and tooth buds and little boy or girl is just so amazing.  Hello Sunbeam....

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Caught in the cold depth of winter, still sad about the death of my Dad, I find myself sort of 'wishing' my time away.  Wishing it were spring, wishing the weather weren't -25, wishing we could be in the garden....etc.  Dangerous game to be playing when preggers.  By March, things are going to be a lot different than they are May, planting time, bending over is going to be difficult...things to consider.  Enjoy the moment...savour now.  I am feeling less long as I am eating enough throughout the day.  I am napping everyday when  Willow naps, which has become a complete necessity.  Willow and I are enjoying are time together, and I want to savour that.  Will I feel torn when she is no longer the center of my universe? 198 days to go...all precious....

Monday, January 19, 2009

11 Weeks....

Ok, a little announcement here is in order....just in case you didn't hear it already...drum roll please.....Adam and I are happy to announce that we are pregnant.  Yes, in case you didn't already guess it, this is our new pregnancy blog for our new little Sunbeam baby....nicknamed because he/she will be coming to us with an expected due date of August 8th....that's right, a Leo....and ruled by the planet SUN.  In unplanned contrast to our sweet little Moonbeam Willow, will these siblings be destined to live harmoniously together or will their opposite energies create a different reality....I guess it is for us as parents to uncover!  This little one is sure to be a fireball of energy and personality....I can say that for sure as I have a soft spot for second borns, being one myself.  

This pregnancy is already cruising by at warp speed.  And like everyone says, it certainly is different the second time around...chasing after a little one doesn't leave very much of that special 'me-pampering' time that was the foundation of my first pregnancy.  Also, I have been much more sicky-yucky-pukey feeling this time around.  I have already put on 5 pounds which I think is a good thing as nursing Willow had left me at a lower weight than before I was pregnant with her.  So, here is my first picture of my budding belly, which I am sure will be even bigger and better than the first time watch out!  So already into my 11 week...I can't believe that the first trimester is almost done.  We did have the very happy experience of telling my Dad that we were expecting before he passed away.  He was so thrilled for us....his Love is surrounding this baby.